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Channeling Doc Watson (yeah, right)

I’ve been having one long brain-fart since Feb., well, really, since late-ish last year, in the way of  keeping my Blog current,  but here’s  something I did do while I wasn’t doing that. Did you get that? You did? Could you explain it to me?

Anyway, it’s another thing I learned from Doc Watson, at his feet,  in my living room, eat yer hearts out, country guitar addicts. He used to stay with me when he played in Los Angeles. This here is  also a test for me remembering how to link to YouTube, in this case with  Country Al Ross performing a Doc Watson Song. This was done Sat before last, March 12,  at the Pleasantville Circle of Friends. You might want to turn the bass up a tad on your audio delivery system.

Dr. John the Concealor Rock(s) Hall of Fame

Hard not to notice Dr. John was inducted into the Rock ‘n Roll Hall of Fame the other day. Easy to see why he was. To my ears, this New Orleans dude has been one of the most original rock musicians on the scene over the last thirty or forty years. For his whole musical career he’s held a steady course with his own brand of non-mainstream music, something I–and I alone, I’m pretty sure– call  “Bayou Funk.” Is that a great name for a genre, or what?

Anyway, I have a personal Dr. John story. It’s entitled High and Inside with Doctor John and I posted it sometime last year, what month I don’t remember, but I’m pretty sure about the title.

In other news… Stanley Owsley died over the wknd.  For most of you this is a name you’ve never heard of,  or if you have,  it’s probably from your parents, and, anyway, you don’t give a shit in the first place. But, boy, was he big in the ’60’s.  Owsley was the refiner and distributor of the purest, smoothest, safest LSD that ever came down the mellow brick road.

It was  called Sunshine or Orange Sunshine or, most often, just Owsley, as in “I did two Owsleys over the weekend and I’m still ripped.”   He deserves a whole post, and I’m going to give him one, but in the meantime go to “Truckin’ with Jerry/Driving Lessons” in these pages, for a whiff of the man in another life he lived.

And, once again, I apologize for abandoning any and all traces of currency with my posts. I can only continue to plead semi-professional pre-occupation. With performing. For little or no money, but lots of EBU’s (Ego Building Units).  I’m beginning to think maybe I have only enough creative energy to fuel one side of my brain at a time, and right now it’s  the right side. Or is it the left? I can’t  remember. Anyway, more TK.