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Three Wheel Drive: the Tour

It’s been four months since my last entry, so it’s time for a quarterly update. I continue

playing with two woodwind quintets, one up here in Westchester, the other on 75th

Street in the city, which is gratifying, if somewhat stressful, since all the other players

are much better than I. But it’s my trio, Three Wheel Drive, that seems to be grabbing

my attention and energy these last couple months. Maybe it’s because we’re getting

some face time with the masses, tho probably not as much as, say, Nirvana or Jimi

Hendrix, did. But  we played an actual paying (well, hat-passing)  gig at Starving

Artist on City Island in New York and did a really well-received number at Tribes Hill

annual Winter Soltice concert in Hastings, which is in lower Westchester. I live in

upper Westchester. There’s no implication of superiority, here. Scarsdale is in lower

Westchester. So is Larchmont.