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Again with Billy Blanco?

Brazilian writer and recording artist, Billy Blanco, the junior one, saw my last post and got back to me about Leni Andrade, the great Brazilian singer, and Billy’s father, Billy Blanco, Sr., working together many years ago, in Brazil’s Bossa Nova era.

Billy Blanco, Sr., was, and still is, something of a national treasure in Brazil’s music scene, having written and performed songs all his life, several of which have made it into the canon of Brazilian popular/folk music.
“Praca Maua” is one of these, and according to Billy, Jr., was given its best vocal treatment, among many good ones, by Ms. Andrade, who performs with Paquito d/Rivera, the amazing clarinetist who just finished a run at Jazz at Lincoln Center.

If Billy, Jr., can compose and perform the way his father still does, he’ll carry on a tradition Brazil will undoubtedly cherish.

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