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Channeling Doc Watson (yeah, right)

I’ve been having one long brain-fart since Feb., well, really, since late-ish last year, in the way of  keeping my Blog current,  but here’s  something I did do while I wasn’t doing that. Did you get that? You did? Could you explain it to me?

Anyway, it’s another thing I learned from Doc Watson, at his feet,  in my living room, eat yer hearts out, country guitar addicts. He used to stay with me when he played in Los Angeles. This here is  also a test for me remembering how to link to YouTube, in this case with  Country Al Ross performing a Doc Watson Song. This was done Sat before last, March 12,  at the Pleasantville Circle of Friends. You might want to turn the bass up a tad on your audio delivery system.

  1. Charlie barone Says:

    What a swinging tune! Not what I’d expect as being tagged “doc watson” but then what do I know? Nicely played!

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