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Doldrums Deepen

I just learned by email that Frank, the clarinetist I’d been subbing for in one of chamber music groups is coming back and expects to pick up where he left off, so I guess that’s it for me and the West End Gang, so named by me because West End Ave. is the street where the oboe player lives and where we meet several times a month.  I am disappointed which is to say pretty fucked up about it, but that’s the deal: when you’re a sub, you’re a sub. It has to be that way, or there would be no security in the amateur program, and it would become competitive which is antithetical to the spirit of the ACMP (Amateur Chamber Music Players) program.

Maybe another door will open, now that this one is closing. Maybe I can run over Frank’s hands with my car. Stranger things have happened.

I know this is not at all like my other posts, but I’m thinking going public with my feelings might ameliorate them a bit.

Yer bent-but-not-broken uptown-music correspondent,

Chamber Al


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