Power Pickers
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Musicians of the Flower Generation


Maybe a Bi-Weekly? (Don’t hold your breath)

Still struggling to remember what a blog is supposed to be, i.e.,  a periodical posting with some sort of regularity.  Also still struggling with putting a live act together, either me as a single, or ????.

Enclosed is bad video, almost good audio of Windy and Warm I did in a gig at a Pleasantville coffee house a few weeks ago. The thing was video’ed on a phone with decent quality audio later substituted for the bad phone recording. I’m pretty pleased with the marrying of the two; actually, with the fact that I, technophobe, could actually learn to do it.

Enclosed, also, is an audially-improved version of  Black Mountain and Beaumont Rags, the first thing Greg Connors and I did at an open mic a year ago, using the same technique. Pretty spiffy for Luddite of the Year, huh?

more-more-more-more-more, etc.,  to come,  as they used to type in journalism school. I promise.


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