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Mea Culpa – Multiple Exposures

Looks like I’ve done what half the blog writers in the world do, let the blog go while life goes on. I can only apologize and give you alibis, which are not the same as excuses.

Since the last post, the one crowing about playing the Knitting Factory, I’ve done an open mic at Circle of Frnds coffee house,  Pleasantville, 9/11,  on my dime, and a set at the Starving Artist, City Island, 10/1,  on theirs. Both of these were singles, i.e., me only, both very instructive, meaning some glory and plenty pain.

This photo is me at the Starving Artist is in City Island, where the pain was felt, even tho’  M and I got free meals (well, the promise of them, really) and I made $20. It’s chump change, but it means something, even that I didn’t have to pay to get on stage. The pain was in melting–not necessarily melting down–on stage by  going inward and belittling myself, thinking I was playing a much worse set than I was. I am NOT the right person to critique my own performance(s) and when people said I was really good, and that I shouldn’t signal to an audience that I was anything else but, they weren’t kidding.

I’m prob. going to do an open mic tomorrow, at the Circle of Friends coffee house at the Methodist church in Pleasantville, just to get right back on the horse before the saddle sores heal. I’m pretty sure I want to do this and maybe think about it later.

  1. Jason Odd Says:

    Attaboy Al!

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